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Welcome To Shenzhen Zhongxin Lighting Technology Co. Ltd

Shenzhen Zhongxin Lighting Technology Co. Ltd established in 2007, is the branch of chung xin lighting(HK), which is comprehensive industrial group, specialized in R&D, productionm sales and service of led lighting application products. The major products cover led TUBE,led Down light, LED High Bay, Led Linear Light, Led canopy Light,LED Bulb Light, Led strip Light, Led panel light etc.

Our factory has complete advance equiment, such as PMS-50 increased ultraviolet-visibale-near infrared spetroscopy system,intergrating sphere, HB-5A intelligent tester and intelligent oscillogra-phic analyzers. And we strictly implement the requirement of ISO9001:2008 to ensure good quality.

Our products conforms to most advanced international safety standards and environmental protection requirements, yet we have been certified by the ISO9001:2008 certificate,CE, ROHS, PSE and other standards .and our customers are mainly from Europe, American, Japan, Korea.

We once provided tailored business solutions for many famous partners, such as , Cologne church, The Presidential Palace of Ireland,wanda supermarket , Hainan starfish stage Yingkou hongyun Building etc.

Warranty Policy on CHUNGXIN LED tubes

  1. Failure of function with no external factors.
  2. Tube flickering
  3. Over 45% depreciation of light output compared with initial EXW lumens.
  1. Within the warranty period, CHUNGXIN provides free repairing service. If the certain item can not be repaired, CHUNGXIN will offer the new one for replacement at no extra cost In case the model is suspended, CHUNGXINwill replace the item with similar grade and pricing ones.
  2. Within the warranty period, CHUNGXIN bearsthe shipping cost back and forth for replacing the defective goods, on condition that the defection rate equals to or exceeds3‰of the ordered quantity for bulk orders.
  1. Problems caused by improper operation of the buyer, including damages of light source and driver caused by unstable current flow.
  2. Goods dismantled or modified without approval from CHUNGXIN. Goods replaced with parts that do not come from CHUNGXIN.
  3. TheCHUNGXIN fragile label on the product has been damaged or removed.
  4. Operation temperature exceeds the range of -25 to40degree centigrade.
  5. Repair work done by unauthorized personnel without CHUNGXIN’s approval.
  6. Force Majeure and other act of God.
Verification of defective goods: Customers must provide clear pictures or videos to prove that such defects existing.

The above warranty policy covers

  1.  the customers who purchasedirectly from our company
  2.  the following itemsin all sizes: SMD

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Strict inspection standard. 90
Scientific testing methods. 95
Advanced production and testing equipment. 85
Excellent quality consciousness. 75

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Light curve testation machine

Second aging testation

Photoelectric testation analysis system

Automatic LED surface mounted machine

Eight temperature zone reflow soldering machine

 Light temperature test system

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